SolSeven Ep. 3: Uterra Week


March 19, 2015 by Hectares

SolSeven focuses on the past week of news in the greater SolForge community. Leave a comment to have your say on what you’d like to see next week!



Here’s all the community content mentioned in this week’s episode:

Spruce’s Custom Art Pack

Mar 28 Golden Gauntlet @SolForgeLadder

Changes to Tournament Queues

Uterra Week (ends Mar 22)

Campaign Decklists/Playthroughs:
mathemagician’s Campaign Decklist (commons and rares)
Ximane’s Campaign Decklist (all commons)
Zwaxor’s Campaign Playthroughs

Advanced SolForge Rulebook 5.0


Design-a-Hydra Results

Design a Hydra (be as creative as you like)
Enter by 8am Pacific Saturday Mar 14

Top Prize: RoV Lego Chest goes to Venomblood Hydra by Hydroclasm
Runner Up: 3 RoV Boosters goes to Steelforged Hydra by Sundodger
Runner Up: 3 RoV Boosters goes to Vanguard Hydra by LI

Watch the video to see the winning designs!

All Submissions

Live Review Vod


— Watch live at


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