Fresh Decks (May 1)


May 1, 2015 by KonanTheBarbarian

Here is Konan again with some fresh decks to for you try out. It’s quite crazy how many new deck ideas still exist and what people are still coming up with after a month since the last card release.

For the next article I want to make a Metaminds Special – so if you come up with some nice ideas for Metaminds decks – send me the decklist on the forums. My name on the SolForge Forum is KonanTheBabar.


A/U Malicious Gnomes
ironmindacolyte13 Esperian Sage
3 Ironmind Acolyte
3 Malice Hermit
3 Relic Hunter
3 Shardplate Behemoth
2 Aetherphage
1 Ambriel Archangel

3 Ambriel’s Edict
3 Dendrify
3 Lucid Echoes
2 Energy Surge
1 Ferocious Roar

This is a more competitive variant of the AU Level deck that I posted in the main article. You level your Surges and your Malice Hermit and try to survive until your Ironmind Acolytes and lvl3 cards let you recover. This variant of the deck is from Steric and Stautmeister also created a very similar version – I don’t take any credit for it. Check this deck out if you like leveling cards.

Must-level: Energy Surge
Good Match-up:
Bad Match-up: AN Soulshatter, UT Herald Bomb


A/T Shockfinity

3 Master of Elements
3 Ironmind Acolyte
2 Metamind Adept
1 Ambriel Archangel

3 Ambriel’s Edict
3 Burnout
3 Energy Surge
3 Perilous Insight
3 Static Shock
2 Lucid Echos
2 Metatransfer
2 Nanoswarm
2 Oratek Battlebrand

I thought I would give this deck some more visibility – Stautmeister came up with this fun brew and it’s quite competitive for a combo deck. That’s what he wrote about it on the forums:

As an ode to the now nearly dead Kitfinity, which based itself around a one turn kill combo, I have been brewing for a new one turn kill deck. This is what I came up with:

The theory of the deck. You have 9(+) cards with Overload.
3 Gnomes that draw 1 card
3 Energy Surges that draw 3 cards each.
This means if you play all your Overload cards and are capable of having a 21 card hand you win.

How do you get there?
We have 12 card draw for free, 3 Surges/3 Gnomes.
We can draw 3 cards with a Level 3 Adept bringing us to 14 (discard pool gets card you don’t want to draw).
This means you need to have a 7 card hand to get infinite.
Cards you need to have leveled:
1 Static Shock to Level 3
3 Energy Surges to Level 3
1 Metamind Adept to Level 3
1 Lucid Echoes l2/3
Played 9 Overload cards.

In general you will reach these conditions in 3.2, 3.3 or 3.4
You can take out a Metatransfer and/or 2 and add 2 War Machines if you want more Overload cards.

How do you win? You achieve the above conditions and don’t die. If you do this you will be able to cast Static Shock level 3 into Energy Surge, repeat. I have done this on stream and it’s possible. It takes some time to get the deck down, but when it does the feeling is amazing.

Must levels: Master of Elements + Energy Surges. You can drop some Overload cards through your Masters, but realize you are going to need 9 plays to get there. It’s hard and requires you to make absolutely stupid plays sometimes.

It is not about winning, it is about winning in style.
Nothing says, Get Rekt!, like casting 25 Static Shocks Level 3 for a victory!

Pion playing the deck:…../c/6619633

Must-level: Energy Surge, Metamind Adept
Good Match-up: AT Goodstuff, slow decks
Bad Match-up: AN Soulshatter, UT Herald Bomb


AN Maiden’s Touch

3 Ebonbound Warlord
3 Nexus Aeronaut
3 Relic Hunter
3 Sorrow Maiden
3 Uriel Ironwing
2 Steeleye Seer

3 Epidemic
3 Scythe of Chiron
2 Soulreap
2 Bitterfrost Token
2 Metasculpt
1 Howl of Xith

I got this deck from Siobhanna, who wrote me a PM on the forums. There is a forum thread about the deck if you want to read more about it.

The deck revolves around the good Maiden, and bringing foes into range for her.  All the shrink, along with Scouts give her slightly better survivability.  The original post sums up the philosophy of the deck pretty well.  Uriel is probably the weak link, but he’s such a good Scythe target, and a beast on top of Scout, so he stays for now (in my humble build, at least).

Good matchups are Heraldbomb, grow wide, Ghox based decks.  AT depends lot on how often Explosives come down…

Bad matchups are U decks that use Shard and Behemoth (Behemoth sucks – he’s immune to Scythe and Uriel, hence the Metasculpt!), any deck that is super explosive in R1 (this deck really purrs in R2).

Must-level: Sorrow Maiden, Nexus Aeronaut
Good Match-up: UT Herald Bomb
Bad Match-up: AT Goodstuff


NU Wegu
3 Crypt Conjurer
3 Duskmaw, Twilight Drake
3 Oros, Deepwood’s Chosen
3 Shardplate Behemoth
3 Wegu the Ancient

3 Epidemic
3 Howl of Xith
3 Immortal Echoes
3 Scythe of Chiron
3 Vyric’s Embrace

Fresh decks???? I know this deck has been around forever and nearly everyone hates this deck, because it is so frustrating to lose against it. But it’s still part of the meta and refuses to die (in a fire). You have the lifegain engine with Crypt Conjurer and Duskmaw + Nekrium Spells and use it to let your Wegu grow out of control. I should also note that you should definitely value Scythe of Chiron quite highly as well. The lvl2 cast on an Oros can turn the entire game around if things get out of control. The best deck against Wegu is still AT Goodstuff – an early lvl2 Wegu can turn the game around against AT, but otherwise this matchup is really hard.

Good Match-up: UT Herald Bomb
Bad Match-up: AT Goodstuff


NU Venomdrinker

3 Malice Hermit
3 Venomdrinker
3 Venomous Netherscale

3 Dendrify
3 Howl of Xith
3 Immortal Echoes
3 Lash of Demara
3 Venomstrike
2 Dissolve
2 Savage Oath
2 Spore Torrent

This deck is not really a competitive archetype, but if you want something fun to try out in the random queue you might give this poison archetype a try. The original version didn’t have Malice Hermit, but he is just too good to ignore. I got this deck from cptcanuck and this is what he had to say about it:

The point of the deck is to have a Venomdrinker in the dead pool and bring it back with Immortal Echoes.  When you give things Poison and drop a Netherscale the Poison can double (and more if you have a couple of them out) and after all the Poison goes through the roof – it’s only then that Immortal Echoes brings back a creature (hopefully a Venomdrinker) which could get very large. The opponent’s creatures do not die first after you hit the battle button as Echoes happens first. 

Must-level: Venomdrinker, Venomous Netherscale
Good Match-up: nothing
Bad Match-up: everything 🙂


  1. 1ndeed says:

    As always, thank you for the content. Much appreciated!

  2. Steric says:

    My list runs a Soothsayer Hermit (to rebuy gnomes and fetch Aetherphages or Behemoths when they’re needed) instead of Ferocious Roar.

  3. urbantriathlete says:

    the A/T infinite deck also has 32 cards in it…. lol

    • Tory Rowley says:

      If you compare to the list that pion runs in the video, Pion has -1 static shock and -1 nanoswarm

  4. Neil says:

    Loving these posts, thanks!

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