Konan’s Rebalance Patch Analysis


December 2, 2015 by KonanTheBarbarian

This is actually the first video I’ve ever uploaded to YouTube, so I would really appreciate some feedback/critique. I know it is probably way too long since it handles many different topics at once, but even at this length I couldn’t show all the changes. I hope you enjoy and comment what you agree and disagree with and post some other good ideas – against level screw and what could be good for new players.

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  1. MrJapco says:

    Thank you Konan for another piece of great Solforge content. Personally I enjoy video-content probably even more than articles (they`re great too though!) so I would definitely welcome more Solforge videos from you.

    I agree with most of what you said, disagree with some bits here and there. Probably my biggest gripe with the rebalance is that SBE didn`t touch Duskmaw at all. I think (just my opinion) that the card is really OP and annoying to play against. I`d suggest giving Tendrils overload to somewhat limit the total amount of damage Duskmaw can do to the other player in a game.

    Another thing is Relic Hunter (which you briefly mentioned). Even though I agree with the direction they took – shifting focus from the Scout to the Hunter himself, I don`t agree with giving him breakthrough. First, it compromises faction identity since breakthrough is Uterra`s thing and second, I think that the new Hunter may now be OP.

    I`ve quickly put together this deck – AN_Relic:

    3x Relic Hunter
    3x Nexus Aeronaut
    3x Scythe of Chiron
    3x Patron of Anvillon
    3x Warmonger Mod
    3x Ebonskull Knight
    2x Wipe Clean
    2x Ambriel`s Edict
    2x Explosive Demise
    3x Vault Welder
    3x Citadel Guard

    (Another version of the deck might cut 1x Scythe and 1x Ebonskull in favour of third Ambriel`s Edict and third Wipe Clean to reduce the nunber of Nekrium cards and proc Patron more often but I like the version above better.)

    I haven`t done massive amounts of testing but so far it seems quite insane for a rather cheap deck with very little strategy that just keeps hitting face as hard as possible. You can usually produce huge (breakthrough) threats multiple times per player rank so even when some of them get dendrified or destroyed by Nekrium removal you can usually just build another one and continue hitting face. Explosive demise is an insanely good finisher in such a deck as well.

    Also some buffs that were introduced make no sense at all (Shardplate Behemoth, Ebonskull Knight) or will have very little to no effect on Constructed while totally screwing up Draft (Tech Explorer, Batterbot). I don`t know, I think the current rebalance is mostly a step in the right direction, but we need the second phase to be really good and bring it all together.

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