Konan’s Rebalance Thoughts


December 22, 2015 by KonanTheBarbarian

I’m back with another video – it explains how I would approach the next re-balancing phase of the current card pool. There are a couple of changes that I would do and I try to explain them quite shortly. If you disagree with some of them I’m more than happy to hear about your thoughts. If you are interested about what the meta looks like I actually updated my metagame article to reflect the latest changes in the meta a little better.

I also heard rumors that we will at least hear something from SBE before Christmas so stay tuned for that…

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  1. MrJapco says:

    Nice video, thanks Konan.

    Two points where I found myself really disagreeing were:

    1. Duskmaw. Small stat change won`t fix the issue which is that he can kill your creatures for free over and over and over again and without any level-gating or other restrictions ad thus generating insane amount of value. All that simply because your opponent got the combo, no skill required. Playing against that is pure frustration. I think the most elegant solution would be to keep him as he is but give Tendrils overload. That would keep him powerful but limit the total amount of damage/value he can cause in a game. Of course there are other solutions as well.

    2. Oratek Explosives. I don`t think this card needs any buff at all, I think it is in a really good spot now. (SBE did a pretty good job rebalancing this and Rage of Kadras in my opinion.)

    BTW a little hint: (esperian) sage rhymes with “cage” 😉

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