Set 7 Spoiler: Warhound Raider


May 28, 2016 by KonanTheBarbarian


Let’s get started right away – here is the Warhound Raider along with his companion Warhound Courser:



What I really like about this card is that it’s a quite powerful rare that might impact all formats including Draft. As the name suggests it will be a great card to get Raid triggers and it complements that theme really well. My guess is that it will be strongest in UT as an activator for Raid cards like Lorus, the Unrivaled.

Once you get both pieces you can attack with two additional creatures immediately, meaning you only need one active creature for a Raid trigger. If you let the Warhound Courser die in combat when you attack with the Warhound Raider, the Raider will lose Aggressive again after combat, meaning you will be able to attack next turn again (most likely), which will enable you to get your raids going. 🙂

For more insight I asked some of my teammates for their first thoughts on seeing this new addition to the game:

TheAceAcosta: Card seems interesting. Power level of the Free card is similar to Relic Scout. May be a better fit for the Alyssa decks or decks looking for fodder without having to spend their turn playing and sacrificing their first play.

UT rush may like this just as another quick clock. Free damage is free. It doesn’t matter how much damage it deals, you just want to get your opponent dead. Maybe a UT Dino deck. May be stretching. Art is cool, clearly 100% the reason I play cards is because of the art (note from the author: TheAceAcosta is one of the few players that currently has all Alternate Art cards in the game).

Hectares: How strong that card is in Draft depends on the highest value Raid ability in your deck and also how many total Raid cards you have. I’m imagining a couple of Mongosaurs, a Hive Empress, and maybe a high impact Heroic with Raid being strong when supported by 2-3 Warhound Raiders. Playing a standard UT aggro game supported by the occasional Raid will result in the occasional plat pack.

Eoj986: I can see the card being strong in Draft as it helps both Raid and Formation so it could possibly show up in any deck with them.

YSChaos: Interesting card. Free plays are always useful, but the question is whether losing over-all consistency due to Solbind is worth it in this case. The Warhound Courser doesn’t pack much of a bite. If Raid decks will be top tier, Warhound Raider will be in it, otherwise it lacks power. Maybe the free Courser could be abused in non-Raid decks? (Nefrax, Soul Harvest, Grave Pact…)

SkiThx: Initially I thought Raid would be comparatively worse than Formation, but after seeing cards like this I might be reconsidering my original prediction. The inconsistency of adding three cards to your deck will be an easy burden to accept when you get these made-for-Raid cards in return.

I can see how threatening an AT deck full of Relic Scout and Warhound Courser would become (even though Raid was developed for UT decks). The free and hyper aggressive nature of these cards might allow some duels to end very quickly, before PL3 is reached. Look for an increase in Leyline Demon, Patron of Tarsus, Epidemic, Firestorm, Lash of Demara, Edict, Brimstone Tyrant, and other board clearing effects to take care of the many small and nimble creatures that Raid decks will be sure to produce.

WookieMike: The stats in the current meta make it look not that impressive. Like people are saying, it has to fit in a Raid deck where it gets some kind of boost for being aggressive or it’s not worth adding the extra cards to your deck.


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