Raiders Unchained: Ancient Grudge (Set 7.2) Roundup


September 21, 2016 by Hectares

Ancient Grudge, the second eight card expansion to Set 7, was revealed Wednesday, September 14 and released September 21.

Distribution of this mini-set features some differences from previous releases:

"We will be featuring each new card in the featured tab of our in-client tab. While each card is featured, you will be able to purchase one account-bound copy of that card for one Silver. You may purchase additional copies of the cards at our Card of the Day prices via Gold. Any copies purchased via Gold will be shareable. We will rotate to a new card ... every two days, after which you will be unable to acquire the account-bound copy of the previously featured card for one Silver." ( news post)

Let’s see what’s new!


Spoiler Roundup


Blazing Hostility ( Tempys | Heroic | Spell )

Spoiled in a preview post by Ben Lundquist on September 14.


Avarice, The Insatiable ( Tempys | Legendary | Creature | Dragon )


Spoiled in a promotional e-mail by Gary Arant on September 16.


Bottomless Puncture ( Uterra | Heroic | Spell )


Spoiled in a news post by Foxhull on September 16.


Primeval Ancient ( Uterra | Legendary | Creature | Dinosaur )


Spoiled in a Ghox’s Socks preview post by Konan on September 20.


Repress ( Alloyin | Heroic | Spell )


Spoiled on by Kaelari on September 20.


Murderous Necromancer ( Nekrium | Legendary | Creature | Human )


Spoiled in a promotional e-mail by Gary Arant on September 20.


Death’s Possession ( Nekrium | Heroic | Spell )


Spoiled in an Ironmind Company preview post by Louis Cyphre on September 21.


Frontline Combatant ( Alloyin | Legendary | Creature | Human )


Spoiled in an A1 SolForge preview post by Arzakon on September 21.



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