Latest New Player Resources
  1. Konan’s Set 6.2 Metagame Analysis with Decklists


    November 10, 2015 by KonanTheBarbarian

    Hi everyone – as promised I’m back with a new deck article – I skipped the set 6.1 metagame, but now …
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  2. Konan’s Deck Lists for All Faction Combinations


    April 17, 2015 by KonanTheBarbarian

    Updated June 10th with Set 5.2 decks I thought I would simply provide some competitive deck lists in a spot where …
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  3. Konan’s Guide to Beginner Decks


    January 12, 2015 by KonanTheBarbarian

    Partially Updated June 13th with Set 7.0  If you haven’t read my New Player Guide, make sure to check it out, …
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