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  1. Set 7.1 Metagame Analysis


    August 17, 2016 by KonanTheBarbarian

    It was good fun being ahead of the meta with mono-Uterra Poison last season, but things got a bit flat when everyone switched over to burn, Poison, and …
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  2. Toxic Brew, the Titanium Ladder Killer


    August 4, 2016 by KonanTheBarbarian

    This is the origin story of the deck that helped me to reach the #2 highest rated player spot in …
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  3. Raiders Unchained: Front Line (Set 7.1) Roundup


    July 22, 2016 by Hectares

    Front Line, the first eight card expansion to Set 7, was released released Friday, July 22. There is one preconstructed deck currently available …
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